Sep. 12, 2022

Elizabeth II (4/21/1924-9/8/2022) Queen of Great Britain

Elizabeth II, Head of State
And the Queen of the UK,
Gave her people hope and strength
To brave another day.

Born unto a special purpose
This soul that was on a mission
Would sacrifice her entire life,
Bowing in humble submission.

She made a vow to her people
To serve them all of her days,
Whether it'd be a short or long life;
Such was the course she'd stay.

In spite of wars and rumors of war,
Through great perils, and death threats -
The Queen forever stayed the course,
No matter the challenges met.

A woman of dedication,
Elegance, and royalty.
Elizabeth served her nation well
With class, style, and loyalty.

Whether a bright young princess,
Or a seasoned Queen 'pon her throne,
There was not a task so daunting
That she wouldn't meet head on.

The good Lord gave her precious jewels,
Great castles, and fine tiaras.
As He would bless her with children
Who would lovingly revere her.

And God assigned her a kingdom
O'er which she was to preside,
With subjects that truly loved her -
Who weren't there just for the "ride."

She was adored by countless people
From places throughout the world:
Kings, queens, and all dignitaries.
The laymen. And boys and girls.

A sense of humor, she'd laugh at herself,
Seemingly very amused.
Betimes she'd laugh along with others
Who dared to poke fun at her too.

But then, she'd lose her beloved Phillip
After seventy three long years.
Through her indescribable pain
She would brave her angst and fears.

A woman of stark constitution.
A leader so greatly admired.
Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,
Never did seem to have tired.

But, ultimately, she had to bow
Just to take her final rest,
As she exited the worldly stage -
Having given it her best.

Queen Elizabeth will be remembered
Throughout the ages to come,
For a cherished legacy - hope love and peace
That she's left to everyone.

Sending ❤ and condolences to our friends across the pond. In memories of a noble leader of the British people. Also a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. May she rest in peace… world without end. Sincerely.

NOTE: Due to a faulty computer (resulting in an unstable cursor), a few unnoticed typos, found in this poem have been corrected. Sorry for the oversight. Thank you.

© 2022 Walterrean Salley