May. 15, 2015



Have you ever noticed the little reflections of sunlight shining on your wall, door, ceiling, or floor? They are called “sunbeams.” Such varied spots happen to brighten up dark places in a room.

Or they can be a brilliant streak of light, beaming through shaded trees, illumining all around.

Welcome to SUNBEAMS FOR SHADOWS. Like those little spots of light (sunbeams) that brighten up the dark places in our homes, or the brilliant streaks of light beaming through the trees, my book— “SUNBEAMS FOR SHADOWS”— shares inspirational verses to brighten the dark, shadowy places (i.e. troubles and trials) of the heart.

Everyone needs a lift now and then. Life is huge, and sometimes its problems are even bigger. But God the gentle Giant can, and will, give true joy in the midst of all ircumstances. So, never lose hope. You can make it if you just hold on.

I pray that SUNBEAMS FOR SHADOWS will make your way brighter, your burden lighter, your laughter merrier, and your song sweeter. And may it cause your heart to sing—even in the darkest hour.

Illustrations can have an uncanny way of shedding light on the text; the effect is priceless. Therefore, I have provided some carefully chosen illustrative photos for additional insight and inspiration. May they lift your spirits as well.

So, spruce up your day. Open the windows of your heart and allow these sunbeams (thirty-one poems of hope, faith and inspiration) to enter in and brighten the shadowy places thereof.

-by walterrean salley