May. 17, 2015

My Invisible Friend

Unseen, and, yet, he's with me;
Forever beside me to be.
To walk with me unto the end.
He’s my invisible friend.

He leads, guides, and talks with me--
Protecting from the evil that be.
My companion… a godsend.
He’s my invisible friend.

The Spirit of truth and of light.
The Spirit of peace and of might.
On his faithfulness I depend.
He's my invisible friend.

Heralded ‘pon the sacred page
To inspire, comfort and engage.
By knowledge, all things to portend.
He's my invisible friend.

By faith, he lives within my heart.
He’s brightened my trek from the start.
As One who's faithful to the end,
He’s my invisible friend.
(Revised 2017)

© 2010 Walterrean Salley