Sep. 21, 2015

Psalm-1 (All Psalms Are Original)

Psalm of Purpose.

Lord of all things—
Great and small;
Master of masters,
And Ruler of all.

Let the mountains
Echo with ecstasy,
And the hills joyfully
Ring with glee.
Let the lilies dance
In all their grace,
And the angels humbly
Cover their face.
Let the sea roar
With thunderous praise.
And the locust's chirp
Be heavenward raised.

Let the cry of the cheetah,
And the lion's shout,
Be heard in the heavenlies
Round about.
Let the hum of the bee
And the bird's sweet tone,
Ascend before
The life-giving throne.
For all were made
Of one mighty hand—
Divinely fashioned
For his perfect plan.

© Walterrean Salley