Sep. 21, 2015


Psalm for Meditation.

There is a familiar place
In the stillness,
To which I am drawn
In mind and spirit—
Wooed by your manifold goodness
And abiding love.
Day and night, I think of you
With countless lovely thoughts:
Pure, pleasant, sweet,
Lofty and refreshing—
Full of hope and desire.
You are larger than my dreams,
Infinity is your dwelling.
I am rapt in your love,
And to you I bare my soul.

You are the well of living water,
The light that illumines my way,
The star in my, otherwise, darkened sky
And the sun I long for each day.
You are my strength and protection,
And the object of my meditation,
O God, my eternal hope and joy.

© Walterrean Salley