Sep. 25, 2015


(Psalm of Deliverance (September 8,1987) .
*One of four pioneering psalms,
Depicting a soul-cry from despair.)

I cried to the Almighty,
The Creator of my life.
My heart was overwhelmed;
It seemed there was no help.

My soul was daily stirred
With tears of constant flow.
I wept. And I wept.
Only to weep more.

My frail, quivering voice
Tunneled through the air—
Crying for deliverance
From the pit of despair.

Haply, God would hear me
Deeply pining there
In such pain and anguish,
More than I could to bear.

For my tears broke his heart
As my cry reached his ears.
And he, in tender mercy,
Considered all my fears.

And moved with compassion,
He sent help from above.
He’s the rock of my salvation
And the banner of my love.

(c) Walterrean Salley