Sep. 26, 2015


(A Psalm of Declaration: the sovereignty
of God.)

From everlasting to everlasting,
Behold—I am God.
I've created mankind
From the dusty sod.
There is no disparity
Nor variance with me.
In truth, as I am—
I shall forever be
Alpha and Omega—
The first and last.
The dawn and scope
Of ages past.
There is none like me,
And my decree shall be.
I declare all things;
There is none like me.
I am self-existing:
For I alone am God
Who rules the powers that be
With the scepter and rod.
I, Jehovah, never change.
And tho' the heavens sever—
I the Lord am the same
Yesterday and forever.

© Walterrean Salley