Sep. 26, 2015


(Cry of Grievance: life's overwhelming problems.)

Except for God's mercy,
My troubles would have long
Destroyed me.

Multiplied like the stars,
They are as deceitful as
The ways of a brook.
An innocent prey, stalked game;
I am the target of their poignant aim.

Like water, my troubles flow;
They are as unwelcome as a foe.

But God shall plague them.
He shall bind them with a strong cord
And crush them 'neath his mighty foot.
And they shall cease.

Lord, by your sovereign power,
Rebuke them into oblivion
That they all cease.

**NOTE: This psalm does not refer to any person. Herein, I am simply speaking of the daily grind in my life, which seemed to have been multiplied one-hundred fold.

© Walterrean Salley