Sep. 26, 2015


(A Narrative of Omnipotence.)

Listen, and I will tell you a story
About the God of old.
A mighty rock for ages stood
In highness where no other could;
His throne secure and banner set
To reign o'er the earth.
He treads the dark and unknown;
No secret lurks by night.
By his omnipotent power,
All is brought to light.
A gesture, nod, or slant of the hand
Unleashes his might in the land—
Releasing an astounding force
That none can understand.
His way is sure, his word is swift.
In him everything consists.
Marvelous works he has done
Who shares his glory with no one.

All have felt the Lord's embrace,
Tho' none has ever seen his face,
As his eternal love and grace
Envelopes the human race.

© Walterrean Salley