Sep. 27, 2015


(A Psalm of Exaltation: God's name is a
strong refuge.)

O Lord, your name protects—
Even as a shadow covers from the sun.

It is a lovely name, comelier than the lily
And sweeter than the rose.
And holy. All-powerful
And high above the earth—
Even higher than the heavens.

Nature provides crannies
For the tiniest creatures.
And dens for the wild beasts
That they might dwell safely.

The fox is protected
In the burrows of the earth,
And the squirrel finds refuge
In the hollow of a tree.
The scorpion's sanctuary
Is beneath a rock,
And the hive is a shelter
For the bee.

Even so, Lord, by your wisdom—
You have established for us a haven
In your name, wherein we are safe.

© Walterrean Salley