Sep. 26, 2015


(A Thankful Psalm: universal approach
to giving thanks.)

Thank you, Lord, for all things
Created by your powerful hands:
The earth rotating on its axis—
Giving us days.
The moon that circuits the earth—
Allowing us months.
And the earth circuiting the sun—
Giving us years.

Thank you for the expansive galaxies.
And the abundantly diverse creatures,
Among whom are the jaguar,
Peacock and conch—all called by name.

You have created mankind in your image
With the ability to reason and understand.

Thank you for producing such a vast
And awesome creation,
With compelling observations—
All worthy of notation.

To the divinely deserving One
By whom we are wondrously made.
And to whom we offer gratitude
With sincere accolades.

© Walterrean Salley