Oct. 14, 2022

Mrs. Ladybug

I am a little ladybug
Inching as I roam.
All I pack is on my back
The woodland in my home.

Some find it very interesting
The spots that don my back.
I love to feed on insects.
I love to eat and snack.

In winter if I’m in your home,
Don’t be taken aback.
Please know that I’m not poisonous,
And you don’t have to smack.

folks love the color that I wear
So bold, and bright and fair.
The pictures that they paint of me
Reflects a certain flair.

The farmers welcome me
‘Cause I’m an asset to them.
Saving their crops from insects
That damages the crop’s stem.

The gardener loves me
Because I protect their plants
By feeding on the insects–
In ways that they can’t,

Some say I bring good luck
Or to kill me will bring bad.
As superstition churns about
There are questions to be had.
© 2015 Walterrean Salley
(Revised 10/2022)

© 2022 Walterrean Salley