Oct. 22, 2022

Christmas Is Spiritual

Midst all the garland, tinsel,
Pine trees and lights.
Mid all the fruits and pastries.
And pine scent.
Mid all the mistletoe,
Dollies, holly and snow.
The Chrysanthemums.
The commercialization.
Santa Claus and reindeer
The presents, toys.
The cards and visits.
The wreaths, laurels,
Music and festivity.

Christmas is most spiritual.
Where the heart experiences change.
It's about love, sharing and giving.
It's about peace, joy and light.

Christmas is about
Hope, and freedom for the soul:
And the "Savior of the world"
coming into the world.
To save us from our sins.

It's about prayer and praise.
Singing hymns.
Worshiping the Redeemer.

Christmas is spiritual…
All things divine.
It's awesome.
© 2022 Walterrean Salley